Day care Manual

Welcome to the life of Dog Day care

Bark'nFly Doggy Day care staff will do their best to make sure your dog has a fun and active day with the rest of the day care members!

Please read the following information very carefully and fill out all information needed so that your Dog can become a member.

We would like to thank you for considering doggy day care for your dog. Our goal is to provide you with a service to help socialize, exercise and care for your dog while you are away from home.

Reasons why people use day care

  • Socialize their pup or dog, dogs are social animals and need to socialize with their kind
  • Increase their exercise
  • Comfort so they are not home alone
  • Tire out their dog for when they get home from work
  • Getting work done to their home and need their dog out of the house
  • A new baby at home and the dog needs a little more attention

How to become a member

  • First your dog needs to be a good candidate for the day care setting such as being 4 months or older, spayed or neutered by 6 months, non-aggressive towards humans and other dogs, big or small.
  • Second your dog needs to be up to date on all of his or her shots plus must have the Bordetella shot (AKA Kennel Cough Shot) we also highly recommend talking to your vet regarding Giardia shot which is a parasite that has been popping up in dog parks and other social settings. You must bring a photocopy of the receipts of these shots as part of the application. Your dog should be on a flea program.
  • We highly recommend that a first day dog should be brought in at 7:00 AM so that it is one of the only dogs there, and is only greeting a few arriving dogs at a time.

Helping the greeting process for you dog:

  • Standing around watching your dog on the first day encourages your dog to want to leave with you
  • Bringing your dog later than 8:30 am could make the process harder for your dog if too many dogs are already in the day care
  • Don't make a big deal in front of your dog if you are worried, they will sense it and be nervous going in just drop your dog off and leave. Please feel free to call us for an update on how your dog is doing 905-257-2922
  • For some dogs it takes a couple of consistent days coming to the day care for them to not be nervous entering it anymore. It is not mandatory for your dog to come on a consistent basis but it has proven to help being a part of the day care so that they get use to the other members and the surroundings.

Please read over the next few points carefully and make sure you feel comfortable with all aspects before you decide to become a member

  • Feeding your dog Our staff will be happy to feed your dog for you if need be. We cannot guarantee that they will eat their food. Some dogs are to excited or just don't feel comfortable eating in this setting. We will attempt to try two times and then will give the food back if there was no success and recommend that you feed your dog more in the morning and night when coming to day care that day.
  • We do not allow toys in the day care. We cannot be held responsible for anything swallowed in our day care.
  • We have pebbles in the outdoor facility for sanitary reasons. Sometimes the new dogs' paws will be sore after their first day at the day care because they are not use to it. We recommend that if your dog is licking their paws a lot after a day at day care and you notice any redness you should give your dog a couple of days off till the next visit. Eventually your dog's paws will toughen against the pebbles. We have also encountered dogs eating the pebbles. We are not responsible for dogs eating pebbles; we will do our best to discourage it but realistically cannot stop them from eating every pebble. Most dogs will pass the pebbles and you will see them in their stool or they will throw them up. If you do not feel comfortable taking the risk then the day care setting may not be a good idea. We will let you know if we see your dog eating pebbles and you can make the decision. Note: Most dogs have no interest in the pebbles.
  • We highly recommend that you take your dog to training school before or during attending day care. Puppies that have no training and attend day care can be harder to handle if you don't have a foundation set in place at home. Day care can be a great way for socializing and getting a lot of energy out but is in no way a training facility. Please ask your vet or one of our staff if you would like some info on training facilities.

What you can expect after a day at day care

  • Your dog will be very tired sometimes even after a half day of care - do not worry your dog is just tired not sick
  • Your dog may lick his or her paws while resting - this is from the pebbles in the outdoor facility - look between the paws - if it is irritated please give your dog a couple of days off from the day care
  • Your dog is very excited to see you when you pick them up - this is not because they didn't enjoy their day it is because they are happy to go home - even dogs that have been coming here for a year still have that reaction
  • When you pick your dog up he or she is sitting at the gate waiting - some dogs when they have enough play will go to the gate to rest and wait for their owner, some are a little shy and would rather observe the first couple of times
  • Your dog drinks a ton of water when they get home - we always have fresh water accessible to the dogs. Some dogs are shy or too excited to drink enough water. We will do our best to make sure they are getting water during the day

The following are risks that we want you to be fully aware of when having a dog attend day care

  • Dogs are dogs and no matter how much we screen them for temperament there is still a chance of a fight happening
  • Dogs playing will still get scratches and cuts sometimes
  • Dogs can get sick being exposed to any social setting with other animals. There are some sicknesses and infections that are beyond our control.
  • If your dog enters the day care and their stool is very soft or runny they will be isolated from the other dogs. We will try to contact you to let you know, there is no need for immediate pick-up we just will want you to know they are isolated and until the cause is determined by your vet until then your dog is not allowed to enter the day care
  • Even with vaccinations sometimes there are certain strains that are not covered by the vaccination
  • If your dog eats pebbles there is a small chance they can get stuck in their stomach or intestines

Late Fee Charges

  • We are closed at 6:30 pm. Please make other arrangements to get your dog home if you cannot make it in time. There is a $5.00 charge for every 15 minutes past 6:30pm. If you have not picked your dog up by 7:00pm it will be put into boarding overnight in the facility above and you will be responsible for the boarding charges.

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